Houthi Drone Attack Targets MSC Orion Ship in Indian Ocean

Houthi rebels launched a long-range drone attack on the MSC Orion, a 15,000 TEU container ship operated by MSC, in the Indian Ocean on April 26th. This incident highlights the growing threat to maritime security in the region.

Key Points:

  • Attack on MSC Orion: The vessel, route from Portugal to Oman, was targeted by Houthis despite MSC’s efforts to relocate Israel-linked ships following the capture of MSC Aries by Iran.
  • Houthi Motives: The attack is seen as retaliation against Israel for the Gaza War, with Houthis targeting ships associated with Israel or its allies.
  • MSC Orion’s Condition: The ship sustained minor damage and the crew remained unharmed. Debris from a suspected drone was found onboard.
  • Wider Impact: The attack represents the Houthis’ expanding reach, with the strike occurring 300 nautical miles from the Horn of Africa.
  • Shipping Disruptions: The threat of attacks has caused a rerouting of nearly 5 million TEUs, impacting Red Sea traffic.

Sources: WIONews

Additional Information:

  • The attack comes after the capture of MSC Aries, an Israel-linked ship, by Iranian forces on April 13th. MSC is currently negotiating for the release of the vessel and its crew.
  • International pressure has influenced Iran to consider releasing the crew on humanitarian grounds.

This incident underscores the need for increased vigilance and enhanced security measures to ensure safe maritime operations in the region.


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