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Be our agent network

As a global logistics provider, 3A International Logistics is always looking to expand our network of partners and agents to better serve our customers worldwide. We believe that building strong relationships with like-minded logistics providers can help us provide end-to-end supply chain solutions tailored to our customers unique needs.

partner benefits

As a member of our network, partners can expect to receive:

Potential Growth Opportunities

3A Logistics has network of 200+ logistics partners. We have contracts with shipping lines and FMC License (Freight Forwarder License for exporting goods to the United States).

Shared Goals

Ability to carry out coordinated and professional marketing efforts. 15+ Inhouse Marketing Expert & Network of 50+ Agency partners.

Training and Support

24/7 Supporting for partners. With expertise in Global Standards and a deep understanding of the Local Market Insights, 3A Logistics regularly updates market information and conducts employee training for deployment.

End-to-end supply chain solutions

Possessing 50+ domestic truck systems & White-Glove service. Sustainably maintaining and optimizing our partner's supply chain.

Become part of our global network

We welcome inquiries from logistics providers who share our values and are interested in becoming a part of our global network. To learn more about partnership opportunities with 3A International Logistics, please contact us.

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