Vietnam’s Exports in Q1/2024: US Soars to Highest Growth

US Market Explodes with Highest Growth on Record:

  • Exports to the US reached $25.77 billion, up 24.2% (or $5.02 billion) from the same period last year.
  • This is the highest growth rate and contributes the most to Vietnam’s overall export growth.

EU and China Remain Crucial Players:

  • Exports to the EU hit $12.2 billion, surging 17.4% (or $1.8 billion).
  • Exports to China reached $10.2 billion, climbing 13.2% (or $1.2 billion).

Hong Kong Records Remarkable Growth Pace:

  • Exports to Hong Kong soared to $2.94 billion, jumping 53.7% (or $1.02 billion), the fastest growth among major markets.
  • Computers, electronics, and components led the surge with a value of $2.02 billion, up 105% (or $1.03 billion) from the same period last year.


  • Exports to ASEAN rose to $10.78 billion, increasing 10.4% (or $0.98 billion).
  • Exports to South Korea reached $5.64 billion, growing 10.2% (or $0.51 billion).


  • Vietnam’s exports in Q1/2024 posted a strong performance, expanding 13.7% year-on-year to $67.17 billion.
  • Exports to major markets all witnessed growth, with the US, EU, China, and Hong Kong playing the most significant roles.
  • This positive outcome reflects Vietnam’s robust export recovery post-COVID-19 and bodes well for the economy in the coming months.


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