New Asia-East Coast South America Service by Major Carriers

Major carriers are boosting trade between Asia and East Coast South America with a new service launching in May. This collaboration between COSCO, OOCL, Evergreen, and PIL will offer increased connectivity and efficient cargo movement across the Pacific Ocean.

Highlights of the New Service:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: The service features two separate loops connecting key ports in Asia with major destinations on the East Coast of South America.
  • High Capacity: The loops will be operated by a combined total of 25 container ships, with individual vessels boasting capacities of up to 14,000 TEU. (TEU stands for Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit, a standard container size used in shipping).
  • Frequent Departures: With two loops operating, this service provides frequent departures to meet your shipping needs.
  • Extensive Port Coverage: The service offers comprehensive coverage, calling at major ports in:
    • Asia: Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou, Singapore, Colombo, Hong Kong
    • East Coast South America: Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Paranagua, Itapoa, Navegantes, Montevideo, Buenos Aires

Source: Container News

Targeting Growth: This new service reflects the carriers’ confidence in the growing trade relationship between Asia and Latin America. It strengthens the existing presence on the West Coast of South America and expands reach to the East Coast, providing a valuable resource for businesses involved in this trade lane.

Looking for efficient and reliable cargo movement between Asia and East Coast South America?

This new service, launching in May by COSCO, OOCL, Evergreen, and PIL, is a strong contender to consider. Stay tuned for further updates and contact the respective carriers for detailed schedules and booking information.


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