MV Dali Refloated: Baltimore Port Resumes Limited Operations

The container ship MV Dali, which caused a two-month closure of major shipping lanes at the Port of Baltimore after colliding with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in March, has finally been refloated. This marks a significant step towards restoring full functionality to the port.

MV Dali Refloated and Moved to Marine Terminal

Following meticulous preparations, the MV Dali was successfully refloated on Monday morning at high tide. A team of tugboats then escorted the ship to a nearby marine terminal for further inspection and repairs. The entire refloating and transit process is expected to take approximately 21 hours.

Maersk Reopens Bookings for Specific Services

Maersk, a major shipping line, has announced the reopening of bookings for its AGAS and AMEX services calling at Baltimore. These services operate between the US East Coast and South America (AGAS) and South Africa (AMEX). The AMEX service is scheduled to call at Baltimore on June 1st, while AGAS is expected to arrive on June 11th.

Limited Channel Access for Transpacific and Transatlantic Routes

While Maersk has reopened bookings for AGAS and AMEX, Transatlantic services and Baltimore exports on TP12 remain unavailable due to size restrictions in the currently accessible channels. Maersk will resume bookings for these routes once the port authority provides updates on channel conditions and the official reopening of the port or the alternate channel.

Seafarer Wellbeing a Concern

Despite the positive development, the crew onboard the MV Dali remain stuck on the vessel for two months due to visa limitations. They are reportedly unable to disembark or communicate with their families.


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