Transportation Sector Threatens Europe’s Climate Goals

A new report by Transport & Environment (T&E) sounds the alarm on Europe’s transportation sector. The analysis projects a staggering rise in transport emissions, potentially reaching nearly half of Europe’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. This alarming trend jeopardizes the continent’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

While other sectors witness a decline in emissions, transportation decarbonization has significantly lagged. Since peaking in 2007, progress in this sector has been three times slower than in others. Current policies, if unchanged, could see transport emissions soar to 44% by 2030, a significant increase from the current 29%.

Emissions Surge from Cars and Aviation: The report identifies petrol and diesel vehicles as the primary culprits, contributing over 40% of transport emissions. Rising car dependence, fueled by motorway expansion and a growing car population, has exacerbated the issue. While a recent influx of electric vehicles offers a glimmer of hope, their impact is yet to be fully realized.

Aviation Emissions Skyrocket: Alarmingly, aviation emissions have doubled over the past three decades, surpassing the growth rate of any other transport sector. The environmental impact is further compounded by contrail emissions, potentially tripling the overall climate impact of air travel.

EU Regulations Fall Short: The analysis examines the effectiveness of existing EU climate regulations in tackling this growing challenge. The report reveals that these regulations are projected to deliver insufficient reductions, with only a 25% decrease in transport emissions by 2040 compared to 1990 levels. Additionally, vehicles purchased before the mid-2030s, primarily reliant on fossil fuels, will remain on the roads for years to come.

Urgent Need for Action: William Todts, executive director of T&E, emphasizes the urgency of the situation: “Europe must act swiftly to decarbonize transport. While other sectors are making significant strides, transport emissions continue to rise. Without immediate and effective measures, Europe risks falling short of its net zero target by 2050.”


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