Posidonia 2024: Tackle Shipping Industry Challenges

The Tradewinds Shipowners Forum at Posidonia 2024 featured a dynamic opening session with key industry leaders discussing pressing challenges and opportunities in the maritime sector. Here’s a breakdown of the key topics:

Shadow Fleets: A Threat to Safety and Environment

  • Harry Conway (IMO) highlighted concerns about shadow fleets, vessels operating outside regulations, posing risks to safety, crew welfare, and the marine environment.
  • Michael Parker (Citi) emphasized the need for transparency and tougher enforcement measures to tackle shadow fleets.
  • Christopher Wiernicki (ABS) stressed the importance of shared responsibility between industry and governments to prevent shadow fleets from re-emerging.

Decarbonization and Alternative Fuels: A Shared Mission

  • Despite some ongoing polarization, industry leaders acknowledged a growing sense of common purpose regarding decarbonization.
  • Effective incentive policies are crucial for a successful energy transition in maritime operations.
  • Charis Plakantonaki (Star Bulk) proposed using proceeds from carbon pricing schemes to subsidize decarbonization efforts and reward energy-efficient vessels with shorter port waiting times.
  • Industry seeks more clarity from the IMO on upcoming regulations and their impact.
  • Dr. Conway (IMO) emphasized the importance of comprehensive impact assessments to guide informed decision-making and provide the certainty needed for future investments.

The Multi-Layered Approach to Sustainable Shipping

  • Stephen Gordon (Clarkson Research) highlighted the need for a multi-pronged approach to reduce shipping emissions, including fleet renewal, alternative fuels, retrofits, and potentially slower speeds.

The Future of Energy Shipping

  • Evangelos Marinakis (Capital Maritime) expressed optimism about the future of energy shipping, fueled by population growth, development in emerging economies, and the ongoing demand for oil and gas.
  • Geopolitical tensions remain a wildcard factor in the energy shipping landscape.


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