Asia-MED Shipping Times Soar 39% Due to Red Sea Crisis

Shipping routes between Asia and the Mediterranean (Asia-MED) are experiencing significantly longer transit times due to the Red Sea crisis.

Impact: Ships are being forced to take a longer route around the Cape of Good Hope, leading to an average increase of 39% in minimum transit times. This data is based on a comparison between January-March 2024 (post-crisis) and July-December 2023 (pre-crisis) for the four most frequently connected port pairs between these regions.

Red Sea Crisis Forces Cape of Good Hope Detour

  • The Red Sea crisis is causing logistical challenges for shipping lines operating between Asia and the Mediterranean.
  • To avoid the crisis zone, vessels are being rerouted via the Cape of Good Hope, significantly increasing sailing distances.
  • This detour adds substantial time to journeys, impacting delivery schedules and potentially raising costs.

39% Increase Compared to Baseline

  • Data from Sea-Intelligence reveals a 39% increase in minimum transit times for Asia-MED routes since the crisis began (January-March 2024).
  • This is compared to a six-month baseline period (July-December 2023) for the four most frequently connected port pairs on each route.

Source: World Cargo News

Asia-North Europe Less Affected

  • Compared to Asia-MED, shipping times between Asia and North Europe (Asia-NEUR) have seen a smaller increase of 15%.
  • This suggests that the Red Sea crisis has had a more pronounced impact on routes traveling through the Eastern and Central Mediterranean.

Focus on East & Central Mediterranean

  • The sub-regions most affected by the extended transit times are those connecting to the Eastern and Central Mediterranean.
  • These routes typically have longer distances compared to the Western Mediterranean, leading to a greater time increase due to the detour.

Baltics See Minimal Impact

  • Interestingly, connections to the Baltic Sea in North Europe have experienced the least disruption from the Red Sea crisis.
  • Minimum transit times for these routes have only increased by 7-11%, suggesting a less significant detour compared to other regions.


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