Airboss Defense Group Claims Unfair Charges by FedEx, MSC and TTI: Millions in Fines at Stake

Airboss Defense Group (ADG) is locked in a dispute with FedEx Trade Networks Transport (FTN), Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), and terminal operator Total Terminals International (TTI) over alleged unfair shipping practices. The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is investigating the case, with potential fines reaching up to $11 million for the involved parties.

Key Allegations:

  • Unclear Invoicing and Communication: ADG claims FTN, MSC, and TTI failed to provide proper invoices and information regarding their shipments.
  • Disputed Detention & Demurrage Charges: Details on these fees, often levied for container delays, were allegedly withheld.
  • Missing Containers: The whereabouts of 202 containers remained unclear after US Customs placed them on hold in November 2021.

Customs Hold and Cargo Destruction:

The hold stemmed from unlicensed ocean transport intermediary McWilliams Collective, acting for FTN, lacking proper US authorization. Despite ADG’s efforts to resolve the situation, FTN and MSC reportedly failed to act before a Customs deadline, resulting in the cargo’s destruction over nine months (by July 2023). ADG faced ongoing detention and demurrage charges throughout this period, even as the containers remained inaccessible.

Breach of Shipping Act:

ADG argues the involved parties violated the Shipping Act’s requirement for “just and reasonable practices.” The FMC investigation is ongoing to determine the validity of these claims.


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