World Shipping Council Reports Lower Container Loss at Sea

The World Shipping Council (WSC) announced a significant decrease in containers lost at sea in 2023, marking the lowest number since record-keeping began in 2008. Only 221 containers were lost out of a staggering 250 million transported, surpassing the previous low of 661 containers in 2022.

Recovery and Continued Vigilance: While approximately 33% of lost containers were recovered, the WSC emphasizes the importance of constant vigilance and stricter safety measures. The industry must remain proactive in preventing future incidents.

TopTier Initiative: The WSC’s TopTier program provided valuable insights into the causes of container loss, focusing on parametric rolling. Training materials, best practices, and updated safety standards will be included in a final report expected later in 2024.

Mandatory Reporting and Regulatory Enhancements: The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) new mandatory reporting requirements for lost containers, taking effect in 2026, will improve navigational safety, response efforts, and environmental protection. Additionally, revisions to the SOLAS Convention and CTU Code are underway to strengthen safety regulations.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety

 “Every lost container poses a potential threat,” stated WSC CEO John Butler. The WSC remains dedicated to preventing these incidents and achieving zero container loss.


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